Welcome to Hats For Health

Style with a Social Conscience

For the past 25 years artist/designer Jane Elissa has been voluntarily raising money for cancer and leukemia research through her benefits and designs.

Because her whimsical hats have become best-sellers, Jane Elissa has decided to give a percentage of these sales to further research.

Jane Elissa's handmade creations have been collected by people from all over the world. Her unique one of a kind- appliqued, beaded, jeweled and painted NY pieces are made to inspire us to have a whimsical and positive vision of life. Her Victorian and Deco inspired retro pieces are collectibles that use vintage fabrics in combination with new ones to bring the past into the present. All of Jane's works reflect her unique talent of putting unexpected pieces together in a collage to create a story. She not only encourages you to try and imagine "her" story, but also to see into the works and create your own.

With her commitment to charity and her expert craftsmanship, she's proud to present these works for sale. She has also begun licensing some of her pieces so that more people can enjoy her imagination and share her unique vision. Please enjoy the following categories and shop for her spectacular designs... & come meet Jane at her special events and personal appearances....