The Diary of a Lollipop in a Peanut Factory

Jane Elissa wrote this book to inspire other people to volunteer and help raise money for charities. Because of her charity work Jane Elissa's life took an expected turn. Diary of a Lollipop in a Peanut Factory follows Jane's growth as an artist in search of identity and a woman in need of emotional help and personal happiness. How Jane morphed into a Broadway designer/charity fundraiser extraordinaire is a heroic New York story that only she could live to tell.


Jane Elissa is a New York based artist creating artwork on canvas combining elements of paint, created appliques, vintage materials and tapestries. As an artist specializing in exalting Broadway and Times Square in collage formats on all mediums, Jane ran her atelier and set up shop in the heart of the theater district on Broadway. The stars of stage and screen were attracted to Jane's artistic rendering of Broadway, her original clothing designs, and her flamboyant personality. Not only did actresses revel in wearing her creations and making her name well known, but they invited co-stars to appear with them at fashion shows raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for leukemia research. Jane's mother, who has been plagued by the disease, was the inspiration for her daughter's passion to organize an annual charitable event.


Jane Elissa was nominated Woman of the Year 2012 by Michele Przypyszny, Executive Director of the New York City Chapter of Leukemia& Lymphoma Society(LLS) for her dedication and volunteer work in the past 25 years raising funds for cancer and leukemia research through her benefits and design with the support of her team: Team Extravaganza.


A percentage of the book sale profits will be donated to further research for the LLS and other charities.

Jane is currently writing a new book relevant to her current experiences. It promises to be heartwarming.

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